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Company Profile

Company name WAKO & CO.,LTD.
Address 8F Osaka-Sakaisuji Bld.
2-2-13, Bakuroumachi, Chuo-ku
Osaka, 541-0059 Japan
Tel : +81 6.6263.8188 Fax : +81 6.6263.8185
The names of presidents Shinichi Motomura
Takanori Taniguchi
The date of establishment 24.March, 1970
Business contents Importing and distribution of men’s and women’s
clothing and accessories from Europe.

Businass history

March. 1970
We established Shinomiya neck wear Co.,ltd at 3-25-6, Tarumicho, Suita
The business was launched with whole sale of the imported and domestic ties.
March. 1972
Increasing capital to 5,000,000 yen
March. 1980
the company was renamed WAKO & CO.,LTD
increasing capital to 20,000,000 yen
March. 2000
We started retail store business
we opened new store in Gifu ( MOCK UP STAGE )
September. 2002
we opened the second store in Osaka ( MOCK UP STAGE )
October. 2003
we opened the third store in Osaka ( INCONTRO )
September. 2005
increasing capital to 26,000,000 yen
May. 2006
we closed the first store of Gifu
May. 2008
we closed the second store of Osaka
Janualy, 2009
we starded manufacturing and sales of the room fragrance (made in Italy)
July, 2009
we made a ditribution agreement with a English company,
UNCONDITIONAL of Concreate ltd.
September, 2009
we closed the third store of Osaka
October, 2010
we made a ditribution agreement with G.M.A. s.r.l. for MESSAGERIE
July, 2013
we made a ditribution agreement with G.M.A. s.r.l. for No. 4 FOUR
June, 2014
we made a ditribution agreement with Whisky & Soda. s.r.l. for Project E
July, 2015
The agency agreement Italy MAX MODA Inc. and FREEDOMDAY